Why choose us to help?

We can help you identify possible areas of exposure that you may not have considered, review your existing arrangements to ensure they remain appropriate, and that any cover is provided at competitive rates.

  • Family protection – To protect against financial hardship following the death or diasability of a breadwinner or houseperson
  • Loan protection – To repay liabilities such as mortgages & loans in the event of death or serious illness
  • Income protection – To ensure continuity of income if you are unable to continue to carry out your occupation
  • Health Insurance – While the NHS provides emergency care this can reduce the waiting time for non-urgent procedures and perhaps enabling quicker return to work
  • General Insurance – Various personal lines insurance such as buildings and contents cover, gadget insurance, travel insurance etc.
  • Partnership protection – To ensure that a business owner’s family receive fair value for their share of the business in the event of death or disability
  • Co-shareholder – Similar to partnership protection but for the owners of limited companies.
  • Keyperson – For the business owner the loss of a key employee could cause serious disruption and fall of profits, a timely cash injection could be invaluable.
  • Group protection – To provide death in service, sick pay or serious illness cover for the workforce
  • General Insurance – Commercial general insurance including liability cover, property insurance etc.