Why choose us to help?

It has been said that “Retirement will not about what you have earned in your working life, but about what you’ve saved”. When it comes to the size of your pension fund, and provision of retirement income, big is definitely more beautiful! Whether you’re in the “accumulation stage” and saving for your later life, or considering the “decumulation stage” and how best to use those funds to create income, we can advise on the most suitable vehicles to do this for you. You may have older schemes which have now been succeeded by lower charged and more flexible arrangements, you may have more than one of these and consolidation may be beneficial, are the funds you’re invested in still suitable for the time between now and when you plan retiring?   Since the recent pensions “freedom” reforms and the associated ability to leave “unspent” funds to your younger generations, and the tax relief at your highest rates that contributions attract, there can never be a more attractive time to use these retirement savings vehicles.  


Stakeholder pensions
Personal pensions
Self invested personal pensions
Drawdown plans


Directors pensions – are you maximising your contribution allowances for the current tax year and if appropriate catching up for previous years where you haven’t used them?

Workplace Pensions/Auto Enrolment Schemes

Workplace pensions/auto enrolment compliance – Have you started planning in sufficient time to consider all your options and whether utilising things like salary exchange to mitigate some of the costs workplace pensions impose on your business?